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EBCOM: A Leading International Trading House

EBCOM, with extensive experience gained over for more than three decades, now placed as dominant and well recognized International Trading house with sound support of worldwide reliable supply sources and trust-worthy broad based clientele.

Strength & Durability

Enduring power and robust resilience for longevity.

Corrosion Resistance

Prevention of material degradation due to oxidation.

Fire Resistance

Protection against damage caused by fire.

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Years of Experience

Who We Are

From Steel Sourcing to Diverse Trade

While, initially opened as an exclusive sourcing outlet for steel and allied products, EBCOM has now entered into a diverse array of activities in addition to the conventional import-export trade. Quality products at competitive prices, backed up by exceptional customer service; EBCOM stand tall in current strong competitive international market.

Be a “Reliable Partner” preferred by the people we serve across the world as an entity

Provide, trust, confidence, ease with outstanding services and superlative quality products

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Our Services

Comprehensive Steel Supply Chain Solutions

Ebcom’s Services Span The Entire Steel Supply Chain. We Mine Our Own Iron Ore And Supply To Steel Producers. We Trade And Distribute Raw Materials – Such As Coke, Pig Iron And Scrap – That Are Used In The Steel Production Process.

Steel Trading

Manufacturing a Variety of Steel Products

We manufacture a variety of steel products, offering high-quality, custom solutions to meet diverse industry needs with precision and reliability.

Smart Financial Strategies for Long-Term Wealth Management

Having financial stability allows you to manage everyday expenses. It also lets you plan for the future with confidence, and weather unexpected financial storms.

Promote Your Products to Other Markets & Consumers

Coming up with a new product or service is a lot of work, and the work does not stop once it’s ready

Connect with EBCOM Today for Global Business Solutions & Excellence

Keeping in view of the ever-growing and changing global business scenario, EBCOM has swiftly embarked on various fields of activities while successfully completing projects and operations around the world.

Hot & Cold Roll Sheets

Durable sheets crafted through both hot and cold rolling processes for versatility.

Hot & Cold Rolled Coils

Durable coils crafted through hot and cold rolling processes for versatile industrial use.


Essential hardware for secure material joining in construction and manufacturing.

Heavy Equipment

Durable machinery for robust industrial and construction applications.

Special Steel

EBCOM service provider and master distributor of products processed internally.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

Durable alloys crafted from both iron and non-iron metals for industrial use.

Our Range

EBCOM: UN-Approved Relief Operations Vendor

EBCOM has achieved notable success in conducting urgent relief operations through international associations and United Nations agencies. Recognized for exceptional service, it’s now a prospective vendor for UN subsidiaries.

Why Choose Us

Selecting Excellence: Our Compelling Choice

Discover the pinnacle of skill and knowledge, unmatched by any other, setting a new standard in expertise and excellence.

Embark on a journey where pioneering spirit thrives, igniting innovation and exploration at every twist and turn of the path.

Our customized solutions cater to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results. We offer tailored services and products designed to meet unique requirements, delivering excellence and efficiency in every project.

Quality is non-negotiable at SteelCraft Innovations. Rigorous quality control measures are embedded in every step of our manufacturing process, guaranteeing products that exceed industry standards.

“Initially a steel sourcing outlet, EBCOM now engages in diverse activities, offering quality products, competitive prices & exceptional service.”

Shafi Muhammad


Our Team

Faces Behind the Company

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Daniel Harrington

Company Owner

Robert Peterson

Metallurgical Engineers

Lucas Abraham

Mechanical Engineers

Peter Mcguire

Quality Control Inspectors

"EBCOM has been our trusted steel supplier for over a decade. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery has consistently exceeded our expectations. The team's professionalism and expertise make them an invaluable partner in our projects."

Ahmed Ali Designation

"We've relied on EBCOM for all our steel needs for many years. Their vast industry experience and dependable supply chain have always ensured that we receive top-notch materials. EBCOM truly stands out in the international trading market."

Sheikh Zahid Designation

"EBCOM's dedication to excellence is evident in every interaction. Their reliable supply of high-quality steel and their outstanding customer service have made them our go-to partner. We highly recommend EBCOM to anyone in need of a trustworthy steel supplier."

Sawa Sair Designation

Satisfied Clients Speak Out

“EBCOM has consistently delivered superior quality steel that meets our rigorous standards. Their exceptional customer service and timely deliveries have greatly contributed to the success of our projects. We value our partnership with EBCOM and highly recommend their services.”
Our Community

Together Towards Success

EBCOME projects deliver exceptional quality and precision. We specialize in providing top-grade materials and innovative solutions, ensuring the success and durability of every construction and manufacturing endeavor.

Our expertise ensures reliable, high-quality steel solutions, supporting your project’s success and long-lasting durability.

EB General Trading

Trading is a Trusted Family

General Trading is a trusted family-owned and operated wholesale food distributor serving independent grocers for over 20 years.
New Al-Hilal Flour Mills

Quality Check Before Unloading

We produce Fine Flour having high nutritional level for the proper development of body.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Alloys

Iron’s signature attributes are that it’s dense, strong when mixed with carbon, plentiful and easy to refine, highly prone to corrosion, and magnetic.

Custom Work

Samples of the cleaned wheat are now taken for physical and chemical grading analysis.
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Insights, Tips, & Industry News

As so often in life, when it comes to special steel it is the intrinsic values that count. Including those which are absent. What makes these steel grades special is their purity.